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"Come on, now. You tried to hang it up and be a person with Lisa and Ben. And now here you are with a mean old coot and a van full of guns. That ain’t person behavior, son. You’re a hunter, meaning you’re whatever the job you’re doing today." [Bobby Singer, 7.09]

This actually makes me a little sad for Dean. Dean is not at all known for talking about feelings, his or anyone elses, and when he does have some moment of weakness, some verbal freak out, or some expression self doubt, the responses aren’t comforting, or reassuring. They’re not gentle, or kind. They’re rude and condescending, they toss around names, and instead of actively listening they discount his feelings and worries. 

NOT TRUE! When he opens up to Cas, he always listens and reassures him.

Not true either. When he was lying in the hospital in 4x16, Cas listend, but the burdened him with the task of saving everybody. And in 5x18 he beat a depressed Dean up.
He has some good moments (like in 9x10 and as Emmanuel in 7x17), but that’s far from “always”.

Yeah, you’re right,but he kind of had no choice. I mean, think about it, Dean is a hunter and sort of chosen to be one, to save the world many times, to do stuff other people can’t, so would it really be helpful if someone just comforted him and told him and he doesn’t have to do all those things when it’s not true? His burden is big, but I don’t think Cas or anyone else pushed it on him, not even John even though he was a shitty father, it was his fate (remember what Cupid said about John and Marry?) and there was no escaping it. That doesn’t make it any less difficult or heartbreaking, but I believe that Cas couldn’t have done anything else in those situations because that would be lying and escaping reality, and that’s not what love or friendship is. And also, Dean knows it, deep down, that’s why he can’t escape the life and probably never will, because even if he escapes it on the outside, he will never escape it on the inside, as long as there’s evil to fight, he will fight it.

Of course they didn’t pushed that fate on him. But in 4x16 Dean just got beaten up by his former torturer and was told he started the apocalypse. That’s just not the moment to tell him that everybody’s fate rests on his shoulders. I know that Cas spoke what he believed to be the truth, but he handled the situation insensitive. Of course he wouldn’t really know better, since he can’t really understand how Dean feels as a human. I know Cas had no better answers or any other comforting words to offer. And I don’t blame him for that (as you see he wasn’t included in that gifset), but still: that’s far from reassuring.

And 5x18: Couldn’t have done anything else? On the contrary -  Cas could have just NOT beat Dean up. What he did there was really really bad and can’t be excuased with “Dean can’t escape his life anyway”. Yeah, maybe it looks like Dean can’t escape his fate (he could though, let’s not forget that), but that doesn’t mean Cas can beat him up if he gets depressed about it. That’s what this is about. Dean lost hope, and Cas beat him up for it. That’s not listening and trying to find hope again, that’s exactly what the people in the gifs do: it’s getting angry that Dean can feel bad about something and reacting in a very bad way. And in the end it was Sam still believing in his brother that helped, not Cas attacking a defensless depressed Dean.

It’s really interesting that when Sam’s feelings are negated, it’s seen as a violation or denial of agency, but when it’s Dean the reaction is that it’s Dean’s fate anyway.

Why hasn’t anyone mentioned Sam? Sam- for a good chunk of the early seasons tried to be there for Dean, to step up and share the load and do what EVERYONE on here has said no one does for Dean. Dean even lashed out at Sam about the touchy feely crap when Sam would try and Sam still kept trying! Yes he would screw them up sometimes but who hasn’t? And a lot if these instances are when Sam is gone or away, which leads me to conclude that Dean refuses to dump more onto his partner Sam or just doesn’t want his brother to know for whatever reason. And he still runs Sam down when Sam tries. But Sam still fucking tries! It just bleeds broken, their relationship!

Sam really isn’t any better suited for this than Cas is. For a number of reasons. Foremost being Dean isn’t generally comfortable confiding in Sam to begin with — and Dean gets to choose who he opens up to, regardless of how much Sam wants him to open up. That’s how it works. I discussed this a couple of weeks ago in detail — but sadly failed to tag those posts so I don’t have them handy.

Dean has a number of reasons why he isn’t comfortable opening up to Sam, but honestly his reasons don’t matter as much as his discomfort does.

I would just like to add that, as Dean feels responsible for his brother, he could see it as inappropriate to burden Sam with what’s going on in his head. Dean’s role as caretaker & champion means not opening up to those in his charge, and also those around him not validating his needs BECAUSE he is supposed to be caretaker/champion - like he’s some sort of machine.

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I still want to know how everyone agreed on “to hide Anakin Skywalker’s son, let’s take him to Anakin’s home planet, leave him with Anakin’s family, and not change his last name from ‘Skywalker’”

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✍ Finally, an ask-meme for writers! ✍

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